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Posted by Girl Jay on May 14, 2015

Fashion can be intimidating for some, but for Gina Rodriguez it was downright scary. The Jane The Virgin star sat down with us last week to talk overcoming her sartorial fears and finding her place in the world of celebrity style at an event for her Make Happy partnership with Kipling, an initiative encouraging others to pay it forward with acts of kindness.

Glamour: How would you describe your style? Has it changed since Jane the Virgin took off?
Gina Rodriguez: I’m really learning about my fashion because I grew up as a tomboy. Big-time. [I grew up] with a mother who didn’t really wear makeup and didn’t really put an emphasis on wearing labels or anything like that. [She’d say that] if you feel beautiful inside, then it doesn’t matter what you’re wearing or what makeup you have on, because your beauty is going to shine through. If you asked anybody who knew me in college, they’d be like, ‘yeah, she doesn’t care, she’ll throw on a T-shirt and keep it moving’. So now I do like my dresses, but I love my leather jacket and boots.

Glamour: So we’re guessing that you and Jane probably wouldn’t really share a closet…
G.R.: The one thing I do love about Jane’s style is that she wears those beautiful A-line dresses that are super complementary. She’s very feminine. I’m probably not as feminine—or as naturally as feminine—as she is.

Glamour: Has turning 30 changed your perspective on style?
G.R.: I’m becoming more adventurous. I’m becoming more comfortable in my skin and what flatters my body type and what accentuates certain parts of my body. [Turning 30] has kind of has allowed me to accept my natural self even more.

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Posted by Girl Jay on May 13, 2015

Gina has done several photoshoots lately of which we’ve added outtakes to our gallery. We’ve added photos from the Coco Eco Magazine photoshoot, the Paper Magazine photoshoot, photos of a photoshoot Gina did for the SAG Foundation as well as an additional outtake from the People Magazine photoshoot. Massive thanks to my friend Claudia, who is the webmaster of The McDonnell Rule, for donating many of these.

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Posted by Girl Jay on May 12, 2015

Screen captures from the season finale of “Jane the Virgin” have been added to our gallery. What did you guys think. “Jane the Virgin” will return for its second season in the new TV season (so probably around September).

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Posted by Girl Jay on May 10, 2015

Episode still from the season finale of “Jane the Virgin” have been added to our gallery. The episode airs tomorrow!

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