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Posted by Girl Jay on July 30, 2015

Today is a very special day because today is Gina’s 31st birthday. We would like to wish Gina a very Happy Birthday on behalf of the site staff and her fans around the world. We hope Gina has a fantastic day with family and friends.

Happy Birthday Gina!

Posted by Girl Jay on July 30, 2015

It was announced earlier today that Gina, along with Ludacris and Josh Peck, will be hosting the Teen Choice Awards!

The Teen Choice Awards will air on August 16 on FOX.

Posted by Girl Jay on July 24, 2015

A scan from a June issue of People Magazine has been added to our gallery. Gina was interviewed about her relationship with her dad. Massive thanks to my friend Lindsey, who is the webmaster of Rachel McAdams Online for donating the scan.

I also added a scan from the current issue of Entertainment Weekly which talks about Gina’s Emmy nomination snub. Massive thanks to my friend Claudia, who is the webmaster of The McDonnell Rule for donating the scan.

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Posted by Girl Jay on July 24, 2015

I’ve added several “new” photoshoots to our gallery, as well as an additional outtake from the Variety shoot Gina did earlier this year.

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Posted by Girl Jay on July 08, 2015

“What you realize is you need to enjoy each experience and enjoy each project,” Golden Globe winner tells TheWrap

While “Jane The Virgin” won Gina Rodriguez her first Golden Globe and is unequivocally her breakout moment, the actress has had brushes with fame before.

In 2012, Rodriguez earned raves at the Sundance Film Festival for her lead performance in indie “Filly Brown,” and the actress admits she herself even bought into the hype.

“With ‘Filly Brown,’ I thought — it’s Sundance, and I’m going to be this It Girl, I’m going to be like Jennifer Lawrence. I was ready to play a superhero! I’m ready to do this!” Rodriguez told TheWrap. “And it didn’t look like that. What you realize is you need to enjoy each experience and enjoy each project, and everything comes to an end. It’s not about what that’s supposed to lead to, it’s not about what your career is then supposed to look like.”

How Rodriguez’s career looks like now is brighter than ever. The CW has embraced its risky pickup of a drama based on a Venezuelan telenovela — with all the crazy twists and turns to match — and even used Rodriguez’s own Golden Globe acceptance speech transcript as a cornerstone of the show’s Emmy campaign.

On top of the awards attention, Rodriguez also landed her largest film role to date, as one of the leads in Peter Berg‘s next movie, “Deepwater Horizon,” opposite Mark Wahlberg. She’s filming it now, in between seasons on “Jane.”

In an interview, Rodriguez discussed how far she’s come since “Filly Brown,” the pressures she faces now that she’s becoming a bigger star, and why she’s glad to be trading in Jane’s fake belly for a real baby next season.

We’ve known since “Filly Brown” that you were destined for a breakout at some point. Was there something about “Jane The Virgin” in the beginning that felt to you like this is the one?
I really learned a lot about myself after “Filly Brown.” I learned that everything that’s come across my path and every experience that I’ve had has contributed to my character as a human being and as an artist. Everything’s going to end, everything’s going to have an end chapter, so if you’re enjoying that experience, if you’re enjoying that project, you’re not worried about what the rest of it is going to look like or where you’re supposed to go from there. I learned a lot from that because that’s what I thought was going to happen.

Then with “Jane,” I was being told time and time again the premise is silly and the title, oh my god it’s a telenovela, but I felt the strength and I knew what she (creator and showrunner Jennie Urman) had written and I knew what we had done, and it was like the last thing people thought of this project. And this project has given me huge wings to fly, and I’m so grateful for that. But I’m going to do the same thing, I’m just going to enjoy it and learn from it. “Jane” will eventually have an end chapter and I want to make sure I’m not letting anything go by. I’m not going to worry about what it’s going to lead to but more what it’s doing for my life right now.

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Posted by Girl Jay on June 28, 2015

More outtakes from the photoshoot Gina did for LA Times earlier this year have been added to our gallery thanks to my friend Claudia, who is the webmaster of The McDonnell Rule. I also added a photo from a session Gina did for Variety while filming the “Variety’s Actors on Actors: Emmy Edition” back in March.

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