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elcome to Gina Rodriguez Fan, your online resource dedicated to American actress Gina Rodriguez. You may know Gina from her award winning roles in "Jane the Virgin", "Deepwater Horizon", "Filly Brown" and many more. It is our aim to be a hub online for Gina fans to visit for the latest news, photos, and information in supporting Gina's career, while still respecting her privacy. We hope you enjoy your stay and don't forget to bookmark us and follow us on twitter!

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Gina Rodriguez Fan is an unofficial fan site dedicated to the talented actress Gina Rodriguez. We have a growing gallery with original screen captures, magazine scans, event pictures and more, we offer media downloads, detailed information and the latest news on Gina and her career… with hopefully many more features to come! We strive to bring you an informative, often updated, and fun fansite without being intrusive of Gina’s personal life.

This site is not official. I don’t have any connection with Gina, Jane the Virgin, or her management. I’m just a fangirl making a website to show my support for this talented actress. Please don’t send me any e-mails to Frankie because she won’t receive them. They will only be deleted. Thanks.